unicharm Sophie soft tampons super

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    • unicharm Sophie soft tampons super
    • unicharm Sophie soft tampons super

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  • Product Introduction

    Sophie soft tampons super often daily, even if the hit travel and hot springs, sea and pool and physiology is a tampon which is not worried. Small though in tight time of absorption to us napkin ratio leakage rate 1/7 of menstrual blood, or to worry about the physiological in fidgeting toilet, all right even without feeling the anxiety and Hiyatsu. In addition, easy and smooth insertion in the round-tipped applicator. At a glance in the absorber and the applicator is seen products visual, is also safe to people never used much of the tampon. High-volume daily, super type

    If tampons, enjoy forget about the physiology of the day!

    · Firm absorbed!
    In the absorber of the fingertip size, realizing the absorption force of up to 8 hours to ※.
    Please do not use more than 8 hours ※ is.
    Individual differences because there ※, please replace according to the Keichiryou.

    And opening from the stuffiness, discomfort!
    Since absorbed by the insensitive zone in the body, free from discomfort in use. In addition, Mouret also do not mind.

    - insertion easy and smooth!
    In the previous round and soft material of the soft applicator, it will be placed smoothly to the correct position. Transparent tube push with the mark of the heart to (push-in) position clearly new improved! Now easily inserted in the correct position even for beginners.

  • Product Use

    ● how to use
    1. have a jagged part, take a deep breath
    2. put into the body until the "insertion of a guideline",
    3. to hide the heart of the "measure of extrusion", only another firm push with one hand.

    ● after use treatment
    Applicator, absorber Please do not flush the toilet.
    - With respect to the disposal, please be handled according to the instructions of the local authority.

  • Materials / Ingredients

    Materials and raw materials constituent materials absorber: rayon / polyester
    Pimp: cotton / polyester
    Applicator: Polyethylene

  • Precautions

    1. It is a sterile product, but after opening, please use as soon as possible. In addition, the unlikely event that an individual package is damaged please do not use.
    2. Please do not misuse.

    · String please put out to the outside of the body without turning off the.
    · Tampon Please do not use two simultaneous.
    - the tampon in use not taken, please do not use the new tampon.
    - After the end of menses, please make sure you have taken out a tampon that was last used.

    3. postpartum 8 weeks until the first time the physiological time after birth, please refrain from using it.

    【Something you can not do】
    1. re-use ban
    2. In order to reduce the possibility of toxic shock syndrome onset, please observe the following things.
    (1) tampon is not used continuously, please use alternately with the napkin.
    (2) use of a single tampon, please do not exceed 8 hours.
    (3) the time within the sleep of 8 hours you can use, but please do not use in case of more than 8 hours.
    (4) If there is a nasty smell in the secretions (textiles), please do not use.
    3. The applicator, or collapse earlier in such as storage and carry, when you are cracked, please do not use because of injury.

    [To consult]
    1. There is a risk in the case of the following symptoms such as fever TSS, stop using it immediately, please visit the specialist, such as obstetrics and gynecology with the instructions of the enclosed tampon. In that case, please tell that it is during menstruation to the doctor.

    ● name of the symptoms
    Toxic shock syndrome (TSS)
    ● Symptoms
    Sudden high fever, redness, rash, malaise, vomiting, diarrhea, mucosal congestion, decreased blood pressure, etc.
    2. take a chance pimp, when the tampon is no longer be taken out, please ask them remove the tampon immediately obstetrics and gynecology and the like.
    3. If you are concerned about the time of use, those who have in the past TSS development experience, please consult a specialist, such as obstetrics and gynecology before use.

  • Storage Information

    The tampon is water leakage, where high temperature and humidity, direct sunlight, please keep hygienic and put it in the box. In addition, perfumes, chemicals, please do not keep such a together detergent. Please keep always together the instruction manual that came with the product. If you carry around, because there is a possibility that the applicator is deformed, please you have left of the box. If you place a long time in the place where is exposed to direct sunlight, the applicator is damaged degraded, there is a possibility of injury at the time of use. If you place a long time to place a lot of moisture, the absorber expands sucking the moisture, there is a possibility that it is difficult to insert. Please use on your attention to the storage method.

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