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【Pre-Owned】 BROOKS BROTHERS Dress Shirts/Blouses 0(XS位)


Country: United States   Established: 1818 (founder: Henry Sands Brooks)      Henry Sands Brooks founded in New York, the name of the time was HS Brooks Chamber of Commerce.  Died Henry Sands Brooks in 1833, four brothers took over the management, it has been renamed to Brooks Brothers in 1850.  Embarked as a large-scale retail stores for the first time to become ready-to-wear in the United States, to be loved by the United States presidents and Hollywood stars such as Lincoln, we have built up a brand of tradition and history.  Establishment than at the time to make the highest quality products only, handle it. Sold in containing the only appropriate profit price, ask for such a value to the product, to be seen trading with customers who can understand its value as a philosophy, It is also cherish the current.  The best quality and service spirit to deal with it, has been recognized as a high-quality brand, it has been accepted by many business people.    Staple items in the current, the button-down shirt.  This is, John Brooks of the grandson of the founder has been said to have the world's first commercialized inspired by the polo players shirt.  The Brooks Brothers, which has changed the era in this way, while to cherish the tradition even today, we continue to challenge even the development of a new frontier.  In recent years, it announced a new collection BLACK FLEECE BY Brooks Brothers, which celebrated the Tom Brown in guest designers.  Always provide products that fit the era in the world of our customers, it has been loved. >See more products of this brand.

【Pre-Owned】 BROOKS BROTHERS Dress Shirts/Blouses 0(XS位)
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  • Product Introduction

    It is the button may be firmly wearing closed up above, also show a decollete line is opened up to the second button is ◎.

  • Specifications

    Color: green system
    Gender: Ladies
    Wear Season: spring, summer
    Size: 0 (XS position)
    Width: 46cm
    Length: 63cm
    Sleeve length: 58cm
    Shoulder width: 38cm
    Sense of sheer: None
    Fabric thickness: thin
    Lining: None
    Stretch: None
    Luster: None
    Country of origin: Thailand

  • Materials

    100% COTTON

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