SLIM WALK Beautiful Legs Socks

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    • SLIM WALK Beautiful Legs Socks
    • SLIM WALK Beautiful Legs Socks


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  • Dimensions:18.0cm × 10.0cm × 2.5cm

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  • Product Introduction

    Joint warm far-red supporters shoulder addressed "is a far-infrared supporters to keep warm without missing body temperature. By printing the black silica in a convex type, and can radiate the sterically far-infrared radiation. Tamekomi the air in the interior of the soft two-layer fabric, and kept the entire shoulder. Armpit to be to the mesh, to prevent deep Do stuffiness. Deep U neck inconspicuous from the outside and button free design.

    (1) Black silica printing surface (the black part) and then to the skin side. (2) through the arm, and pulled up to the shoulder. (3) to adjust the position through the arm of the head with the opposite side. (Measure of size) Chest: 70-110cm

  • Materials / Ingredients

    ● body fabric: acrylic ● shoulder: polyester, polyurethane ● flat rubber: nylon, polyurethane

  • Precautions

    1. Please do not use more of the following. (1) sprains, fractures, immediately after the trauma of the ligament damage, etc., who there is an abnormality in the affected area. (2) If you think that there is a peripheral blood circulation disorder or certain. (3) at a site to be mounted, scratches, swelling, if you are abnormalities such as eczema. (4) and chronic dermatitis, chemical fiber, people with allergies by the rubber material. 2. During use, or rash after use, rash, congestion, and if there are any unusual pain appeared, please consult your doctor or discontinue use immediately. 3. Please do not use in other than the specified application-site. 4. Please avoid the use of bedtime. 5. Please do not close to the fire. 6. Please keep out of reach of children. ■ please wash in a washing method ● 30 degrees or less of lukewarm water. ● Please avoid use of such dryer and ironing. (Will cause the elasticity is lost) ● They may lose color, please wash individually.

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