FC (Family Care) Waist Guard Belt

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    • FC (Family Care) Waist Guard Belt
    • FC (Family Care) Waist Guard Belt


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  • Dimensions:23.0cm × 15.0cm × 5.0cm

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  • Product Introduction

    · Fixed force cross belt of the X (cross) structure will be tight hold the entire lumbar region. Attrition, tightly wraps around the waist in a fit double belt of yore prevention, to prevent the shift and twist. · The adjuster is attached to the tightening freely auxiliary belt with a light force, it can be done raising a small force. • To the front side of the belt-on-belt wearing auxiliary belt there is a magic tape, it can be installed on top. · Lumbar supports a wide range of large format attitude holding plate large format posture retaining plate, to protect the waist. - Employs a unique woven mesh breathable side and rear of the double mesh, to reduce the stuffiness of the time of mounting. And fixing force and the strength of the waist, package design with the image of the reliability of the drug. Dirt is hardly noticeable strong black belt. · You can also be tightened firmly in the elderly and women. - People of chronic low back pain, of course, is also recommended as a low back pain preventive measures. Contents one waist size guide L ~ LL (about 85 ~ 110cm) Unisex

  • Materials / Ingredients

    Body: Nylon 66 Handle: stainless

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