Party feet gel heel Sea


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Party feet gel heel Sea

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  • Product Introduction

    Dr. Scholl's Party Feet gel heel shield "is likely to take off shoes and is a gel shield to stick to shoes that are Pakapaka not match the size. Soft gel with moderate thickness, since the fixed fill in the gap of the heel, the shoes will be difficult to take off. In addition, soft gels relieve pain by absorbing the friction of the heel, also prevents shoe. Slip and shoe prevention, is a gel shield that can be expected of a single double role. The back surface of the gel can be affixed directly adhesive type, the heel.

    1. together paste the flat surface with adhesive to the edge of the shoe. There is no distinction between left and right in the product. When you peel off the product, so please peel off more slowly than the toe side to the heel side.
     2. If the degree of tackiness is not enough, please use the double-sided tape enclosed.

  • Precautions

    ● If the blood circulation failure, diabetes, please use in consultation with your doctor If you have a wound, eczema, swelling, etc. on foot.
     ● Avoid direct sunlight, please store it in as much as possible cool place with low humidity.
     ● Please discontinue use immediately in the case of itching and rash occurs while using this product.
     ● Please keep out of the reach of children.
     ● The nature of the material, there are times when the oil component to penetrate the shoes side.
     ● product back might like insole of colors and patterns is peeled off by the shoes of the material at the time of peeling off the product because there is a pressure-sensitive adhesive force.
     ● Ensure that is peeled off slowly when peeling off the goods.
     ● Please stuck on you to clean the adhesive surface of the shoes before use.
     ● The This product is a brushed material or uneven material might be difficult to stick.
     ● Please use as much as possible shoehorn when wearing shoes.

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