Medicare scratch addressed material

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  • Product Introduction

    ■ enter five Medicare scratch destined material L size [Morishita Jintan Co., Ltd.] ● not hurt hardly regard to scratch! "Medicare scratch destined material L size 5 pieces" is not hurt hardly regard to scratch, it is a scratch addressed material to replace the gauze. Sandwich structure sandwiching the cotton wool to absorb such as blood or pus in the polyethylene sheet. With less to scratch, or accompanied by pain when peeled off, to prevent it from or bleeding. Since the sterile one by one you can use in a sanitary manner. In a large wound of the child.

    1. Wash the wound with tap water. Please completely remove the dirt and foreign matter. 2. Remove the flaw addressed material from the bag with a clean hand, a sheet of the pad surface is not stripped, please as it is devoted to the wound. 3. From the top of the wound addressed material, please be fixed, such as with a bandage and tape. 4. When there are many bleeding and secretions, please frequently replaced.

  • Materials / Ingredients

    Absorbent cotton, polyethylene film

  • Precautions

    ● Please observe the use which is determined. ● When the shed to the wound with a medicine to the wound addressed material, there is a possibility that not breathe blood and secretions. ● During use, rash, redness, if you appeared symptoms such as itching, discontinue use, please consult your doctor or pharmacist. ● or wet scratch destined material, so you wound healing of becomes worse when you leave the dirt, please frequently replaced. ● Since it is sterile one by one, so as not to open individual package until use, please promptly use after opening. Please keep out of reach of attention ● children on the storage and handling. ● Avoid direct sunlight, please keep in place if possible with low humidity.

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