UD swab black

UD swab black

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  • Product Introduction

    Dirt of the ear is seen clearly! Earwax Zakkuri! Black bumpy is exhilarating. Swab to is what you need! Tabletop in the day-to-day life, to the lavatory, is also safe in young children in order to prevent the invasion of bacteria, depending on your scene will spread! And natural chitosan antimicrobial component and the dressing room. - Swab is a smart cylindrical container in uneven type! Simple.

  • Materials / Ingredients

    [Antibacterial agent of the type / antibacterial site] chitosan / cotton balls surface

  • Precautions

    The color of the cotton portion and the shaft portion [about the color of safety] complies with the safety standards of the following. Because it may damage the cotton part / fiber products international standards (Oeko-Tex standard 100 class 1) the shaft portion / specifications and standards [attention], such as the Food Sanitation Law, food, additives, eardrum and mucous membranes, the back of the ear or nose please do not put up. - Only use in children, please stop. - When you use, please note around the situation (so that it does not bumping). * Please consult your doctor if any chance feel abnormality. - Please keep out of the reach of children. • If you want to soak in use in the solution and may be balls of cotton is likely to escape.

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