Kobayashi Pharmaceutical fragrant sweat Wakipatto Riff soap

Kobayashi Pharmaceutical fragrant sweat Wakipatto Riff soap

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  • Product Introduction

    "Fragrant sweat Wakipatto Riff (riff) Mocha beige floral soap 10 pairs scent of (20 sheets)" is a sweat pads that stick to clothing of thin only about 1mm not stiff. Firm to absorb the sweat in the three-layer structure, armpit of the part is always smooth. The suction sheet of hard mesh material leaving the sweat of the surface adopted, draw quickly sweat, followed by a dry feeling of the surface. Paste easy, so we adopted a slit processing to fit the movement, twisting or misalignment is not worrisome. By the action of the ion antibacterial, prevents firmly the smell of sweat. In the glue of the dot shape, it is safe difficult to peel off. Was a floral perfume tone to accent the flavor of a sense of transparency soap, the scent of floral soap pleasant mood to always clean. ※ by clothing, there is a thing that tends to damage the easy peeling things and fiber.

    1. Peel off the only seal of (1). 2. extend the armhole of clothing. 3. stick to fit the curve of the sleeve (1) to the side. Point: You can securely cover the sweat and put a little bit on the front side. 4. Peel off the seal (2). 5. stick folded back on the sleeve side.

  • Materials / Ingredients

    Material: surface main material / polypropylene

  • Precautions

    ● hemp and cotton, the garment using the blend of materials and stretchy clothing and functional clothing, softener, there is a case in which difficult to bond. ● While wearing, not washing, drying and ironing. ● and glue residue on the clothes and to remain attached for a long time sheet, because there is a case of cause of discoloration due to sweat, after use to wash quickly detached. ● sheet is not used repeatedly used once. Also, when you do not fit in the skin to stop using. ● Since there is a case in which the scent is weakened by the storage situation, and stored in a box of the product.

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