Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Bladder Leakage Sarasaty Very Light Flow

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  • Product Introduction

    ■ urine leakage Sarasaty trace [Kobayashi Pharmaceutical] ● urine leakage Sarasaty trace ● urine leakage Sarasaty trace amounts, smell urine is also a light incontinence only sheet that firm can care for urine leakage in confinement. Comfortable! Thin but with firm absorption! Side stopper sealed capsule and kidnapping Zu firmly deodorant! Niowa odor. The smell of gently scented Whitey floral while consumption Kusashi

    Dosage and size trace type ~ 5cc (towards the extent that the underwear is occupying a little) size (about 63mm × about 157mm)

  • Materials / Ingredients

    Surface material ... polyester, polyethylene

  • Precautions

    When you do not fit in your skin, please consult your doctor. After use, please do not throw the toilet.

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