Eradication Uetti 3-pack

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  • Product Introduction

    ■ alcohol blended eradication Uetti 12 sheets × 3-pack [Wakodo] ● hand skin-friendly sanitizer wipes! "Alcohol blended eradication Uetti 12 sheets × 3-pack" is a wet tissue for the eradication of alcohol blended . Fluffy just wipe with a thick sheet, you can easily eradication (※ Not all of the bacteria to eradication). Glycerin blended. It is tissue-friendly hand skin.

    Open the lid, please use pull out the tissue one by one.

  • Materials / Ingredients

    Water, ethanol, glycerine, cetyl pyridinium chloride, methyl paraben, ethyl paraben, propyl paraben

  • Precautions

    ● in the vicinity of the fire, please do not use, storage and disposal. ● and products that have been painted with water-based paint, varnish, lacquer, etc., to test where inconspicuous in use to the metal products, styrene and plastic products, leather and wood products, wallpaper and the like of acrylic, etc., there is no discoloration and deterioration Please use to ensure that you. ● lens and LCD screen, please do not use the screen or the like of the personal computer and television. ● Please do not use on mucous membranes and wound such as the eyes and mouth. ● When you are not suitable to your skin, please discontinue use. ● Please do not use the direction of alcohol hypersensitivity. ● because it does not dissolve in water, please do not flush the toilet. ● In order to avoid dry, after use, please tightly closed lid. ● Please keep out of reach of children. ● or place exposed to direct sunlight, please do not keep in the place where a high temperature.

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