Yashinomi kitchen foam hand soap body


"Friendly to humans and the earth" [Yashinomi] to the kindness and the environment to Good hand skin-free fragrance-free coloring not put unnecessary and cleaning ingredients derived from Yashinomi the concept has consideration. Petroleum-based detergents there is a high cleaning power, but became a pleasure environmental problems are not biodegradable in the environment. However, [Yashinomi] is very friendly detergent to the environment so susceptible to biodegradation by microorganisms Good to plant-based material. Also it has won "pair Lending Award mono department" and safe to use at home also laundry detergent and fabric softener, rather than only dishwashing detergent there are small children because it does not use a component that there is irritation to the skin, such as coloring agents . >See more products of this brand.

Yashinomi kitchen foam hand soap body

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  • Product Introduction

    "Yashinomi detergent kitchen foam hand soap 250ml" is a hand soap smell the rest of the worry there is no bubble type to the dishes. Yashinomi was blended derived from amino acid-based cleaning ingredients. Skin irritation tested (all does not mean that does not occur skin irritation in people). Fragrance-free, non-colored, slightly acidic.

    Please press the pump from removing the stopper of the pump. * If the pump has become difficult to press, remove the pump from the bottle, please internal cleaning press several times to suck up water or lukewarm water from the tube tip. (That this time the pump body is not immersed in water)

  • Materials / Ingredients

    Water, Laureth Sulfate Na, cocoyl methyl taurine Na, hexylene glycol, glycine, citric acid, citric acid Na, phenoxyethanol, EDTA-4Na

  • Precautions

    ● flaw, if there is a problem, such as eczema on the skin, do not use. ● rash, itching, discontinue use when you feel an abnormality of the skin and irritation, consult a specialist. ● When the liquid enters the eyes wash well immediately with running water. ● Do not put out of reach of children. * Skin irritation tested (all does not mean that does not occur skin irritation towards)

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