Refill Woshubon G packed

Refill Woshubon G packed

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  • Product Introduction

    "380ml refill Woshubon G medicated hand washing soap solution" is a refill medicated hand soap that can disinfection of the hands and fingers. Drainage friendly soap solution made from the fruit of the palm is went back are quickly decomposed by microorganisms in the earth. It is creamy lather of soap such as cashmere. It is after washing, and moisture gently with the workings of moisturizer. Refill. Quasi-drugs.

    ■ off the refill how 1. spout to the bottle with a pair of scissors. The tip of the spout, cut with scissors along the dotted line. * You may be liquid and this time with a strong pack pops Please note. 2. Pour into a bottle. Please poured slowly align the spout of the pack to the mouth of the container. * Container is well washed with water, please refill from dry. * Be sure to refill the wash Bonn container. ■ bubbled take the method appropriate amount of use, hand washing or, used for washing the face.

  • Materials / Ingredients

    Isopropyl methyl phenol, triethanolamine, edetate, perfume

  • Precautions

    Eczema, when there is a skin injury such as dermatitis (sore rash), because it may worsen, do not use. Rash or, Please do not use when you feel the stimulation. • When it reaches the eyes, please rinse immediately.

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