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Arau foam body soap


Arau does not use any petroleum-based synthetic surfactants, the brand maker of plant material 100% of the additive-free soap. Since it uses a pure soap component of the plant that has been generated from palm oil and palm oil, it can be used with confidence every day from sensitive skin and children. Soap Arau is "are using purified water rather than tap water, the additive no additives at all", etc., we stuck to the tenderness of the skin. Product is a brand that made "laundry soap, cleansing foam, kitchen soap, shampoo, conditioner," it has become a wide range of line-up, such as, the product on the optimal method by use of an item scene. >See more products of this brand.

Arau foam body soap

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  • Product Introduction

    Come out body soap! To hand gently wash clean smooth with foam! It is a soap component which was born from the plant. Lavender oil and lime oil ... fragrant moisture natural essential oils. - Mint extract and rosemary extract ... moisture the plant extract.

    Take an appropriate amount palm or sponge, such as in the towel, after washing gently, please do well rinsed.

  • Materials / Ingredients

    [Components] Water Bodies potash soap, glycerin, citric acid, lavender oil, lime oil, mint extract, rosemary extract, BG

  • Precautions

    Always, Arrau. Please refilling the foam body soap (refill). It may not be to another product to use when the pump failure or foam. ■ Do not use if you plan to note ● scratches in the skin, there is an abnormality, such as eczema. ● redness, itching, and when an abnormality, such as appeared stimulus discontinue use and consult a specialist. ● If swallowed to the treatment of such water to drink. ● If the liquid gets into your eyes wash well as soon as possible with running water. ● Keep out of reach of children. ● Because we use natural ingredients, it may over time color and flavor changes. ● The use interval is evil, it may soap hardens to pump away. Please wipe off the case.

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