Abianto KR

Abianto KR

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  • Product Introduction

    ■ medicated bath salts Abianto KR 25g × 10 bags [Yutoku Yakuhin Kogyo] ▼ 11 kinds of natural plant extract combination! "Medicated bath salts Abianto KR 25g × 10 bags" is a proteolytic enzyme to keep a clean skin enhances the cleaning effect it is medicated bath salts that can. 11 kinds of natural plant extracts will smoothly keep moisturizes the skin. Relieve, such as fatigue, shoulder rest, low back pain, poor circulation by the action of herbal medicine. Contents 25g × 10 bags Efficacy fatigue, low back pain, arthritis, neuralgia, stiff shoulder, poor circulation, heat rash, hemorrhoids, roughening resistance, acne, chilblains, cracked, chapped skin, eczema, bruises, sprains, before and after childbirth of poor circulation

    Put this product about 20g to the general household bath (about 180-200L), please your bathing well dissolve. (The inside of the line of the cap is about 20g.)

  • Materials / Ingredients

    Proteolytic enzyme, citrus unshiu peel end, yuzu powder, lemon powder, sodium hydrogen carbonate natural plant extracts (cucumber, Arnica ivy, nettle, mallow, Sambucus nigra) old display specification ingredient: blue 1, yellow 202 (1), perfume

  • Precautions

    1. If there is an abnormality in the skin or the constitution, please use and consult a doctor. 2. during and after use and use, skin rash, redness, itching, if the abnormality such as irritation appeared, discontinue use, please consult your doctor. 3. Do not use for purposes other than bathing. 4. This product is not edible. When swallowed in large quantities, please go to treatment, such as water to drink. 5. Keep out of reach of children. 6. Please keep surely occupies a cap so that water does not enter the product. 7. The remaining hot water you can use to wash. However, in combination with Tsukeoki and fabric softener is avoided, it should be performed by rinsing Shimizu (tap water, well water, etc.). 8. Because it is automatic weighing filling amount of contents even if the space is as display.

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