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Rohto denture cleaning agents Pika

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  • Product Introduction

    ■ denture cleanser Pika 28 tablets +4 follicles [Rohto] ● 2 types of cleaning agents containing denture cleaning agents! "Denture cleaning agents Pika 28 tablets +4 packaging" is, has entered two types of cleaning agents, dirt It is a denture cleaning agent that is a mechanism for use in accordance with the degree of. Dirt dirt invisible visible also cleanly removed. Candida fungus also lysis. It is towards the blue packaging dissolved bacteria power of the enzyme, to keep the eating false teeth and the oral cavity to remove the debris and unpleasant odor in a healthy state. Is towards the red packaging, remove the ingrained dirt, such as active enzyme is tobacco tar and yellow tint.

    Put the water in a cup, you put one bag Pica. Foaming will put the dentures Once you started. Color as to clean will change to colorless. It will be even more beautiful and put overnight. After cleaning, please use rinse well with water. Dirt mixed with enzymes to remove, such as Candida bacteria and debris to the underlying of the blue packaging plaque of considering health in the false teeth and your mouth. Remove dirt and unpleasant odors without damaging the dentures. ... Please use every day. (28 pieces) tobacco tar, removes yellowing was ingrained red packaging active oxygen When worrisome dirt. Use of once in ... a week is a standard. (Four times)

  • Materials / Ingredients

    Blue packaging (tablet-enzyme agent type), Candida lytic enzyme (Zymolyase-Kitaraze), proteolytic enzyme (Rebozaimu) red packaging (granules alkaline monoxide agent type)

  • Precautions

    - At the time of use, please carefully read the instructions in the box. Children of out of reach, please keep in moisture less cool place. • Depending on the material of the dentures, you may be discolored rarely. Please immediately discontinue use if that. - Pika Pika and of the solution, please do not put in the mouth. If it is drunk by mistake, please consult your doctor. - Please do not use other than cleaning of dentures.

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