Medicinal fresh air

Medicinal fresh air

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  • Product Introduction

    Konjisui medicinal fresh air is a medicated toothpaste to suppress the periodontal disease-specific bad breath. Work is medicinal ingredient CPC · IPMP to bacteria such as periodontal pocket, prevents the bacteria causing bad breath. And refreshing the tickle of the mouth of stickiness and gums, and prepares the bad breath environment healthy. We blended the natural plant components. Quasi-drugs.

  • Materials / Ingredients

    Medicinal ingredient ... chloride, cetyl pyridinium Biri (sterilization), isopropyl methyl phenol (sterilization), allantoin aluminum chlorohydrate (anti-inflammatory) foaming agent ... lauryl sulfate salt, lauroylsarcosine salt abrasive ... aluminum hydroxide, viscosity silicic anhydride admixture ... hydroxyethyl cellulose wetting agent ... concentrated glycerin other ... (convergence) aluminum lactate, (deodorant) oil-based licorice extract, green tea extract (flavonoid) flavoring ... perfume (peppermint type), sodium saccharin colorant ... red No. 102 preservative ... paraben

  • Precautions

    - Do not use if there is a scratch in the mouth. • When abnormalities such as appeared rash, stop using, to consult a doctor. · Eye without rubbing Once inside, soon enough wash it.

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