Luxury bamboo vinegar

Luxury bamboo vinegar

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  • Product Introduction

    How many !! not only for the natural organic component 200 kinds! Bathing ● collected from the smoke that occurs when you burn charcoal, after that was aged for more than one year, taken out only the intermediate layer was separated into three layers, it was further purified thing is, is pure bamboo vinegar solution. Acetic acid in the main component, contains the other more than 200 species of natural organic ingredients.

    [Bathing in your method] bath, the hot water of about 200L, put the bamboo vinegar solution of cap 2-3 cups (about 30ml), please well stir. - Bamboo vinegar will smell of acetic acid. There is no that most smell remains in the body and hair, but there are rare cases where odor is a concern. - Hot water smell of, please enjoy the color worn. ● You can a variety of how to use other than the bath. - About 50ml put to spray the vinegar solution to 1L of water to the deodorant of garbage. · Cutting board, a bamboo vinegar solution was diluted to clean about 40-fold, such as a refrigerator to spray. • The soil improvement of your garden in gardening bamboo vinegar solution was put about 3 ~ 5ml to water 1L, it is sprayed. - Insects, stray dogs and cats measures such as housing peripheral put the bamboo vinegar solution of stock solution to ... cup put in the vicinity of the house.

  • Materials / Ingredients

    Country of origin: Japan bamboo vinegar and bamboo vinegar is, is the extract of bamboo that was taken out by cooling the smoke out when the burning charcoal.

  • Precautions

    - Bamboo vinegar is not a drug. If you do not fit into your skin Please do not use. - When it was going to use the the bamboo vinegar, please discontinue use of other bath salts. - Bamboo vinegar Please keep not expose as much as possible direct sunlight.

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