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  • Product Introduction

    Periodontal disease (gingivitis / alveolar pyorrhea) · Prevention of cavities

    ● 2 types of sterilization component and two types of anti-inflammatory component, such as fluorine to further strengthen the tooth, blended with nine of the medicinal ingredient, and care the teeth and gums in total.
     ● sunny, bleeding of gums, is bad breath and tooth decay, clean dental Series Most Popular ※ staple goods to a wide range of care to stain. (※ own ratio)
     ● Because salty type that was not sweet crispy, is also refreshing refreshing after use.

    Take the appropriate amount to the toothbrush, and then brushing the teeth and gums.

  • Materials / Ingredients

    Wetting agents: concentrated glycerin
     Solvent: purified water
     Medicinal ingredients: sodium chloride, PEG-8 (macrogol 400), zeolite, sodium fluoride (fluorine), tocopherol acetate (vitamin E), ε- aminocaproic acid, β- glycyrrhetinic acid, cetylpyridinium chloride (CPC), isopropyl methylphenol (IPMP)
     Abrasive: silicic anhydride, hydrous silicic acid
     Solubilizing agent: polyoxyethylene hardened castor oil
     Foaming agent: lauryl sulfate salt
     Flavoring: peppermint oil
     Binders: carboxymethylcellulose sodium
     Flavoring: flavoring (peppermint type)
      Preservatives: Parabens
     Coloring agent: titanium oxide, Gun Jo Pink, Red No. 106, No. 203 yellow
     Others: sodium bicarbonate

  • Precautions

    ● redness, rash, if the itching, abnormal of sunny, etc. appeared, discontinue use, please consult a physician, dentist or pharmacist.
     ● Please keep in a cool place not exposed to direct sunlight.

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