my size cheese risotto mix

my size cheese risotto mix

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    • my size cheese risotto mix

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  • Recommended Dosage

    Mushrooms, edible oils and fats, saute onion, cheese, flour, cheese food, dairy products, extract (pork, chicken), sugar, wine, salt, chicken broth, spices, vegetable extract, thickener (modified starch), seasoning ( amino acids, etc.), cellulose, emulsifier, apple extract

  • Materials / Ingredients

    ■ My size containing 86g [Otsuka Foods] of cheese risotto ▼ meal until now amount also calories a little more, to those who feel that! "My size cheese risotto Moto 86g" is, one person about 100kcal, the amount and calories This element of the perfect cheese risotto to those who are worried (retort). ● Gouda, Parmesan, Edam, Cheddar of four of the smell of cheese and taste. ● open the lid, Mai combined size of cooking in a box for each range ● amount nor calories yourself. Delicious 100kcaL. It is combined with "mannan rice" 250kcaL!

    "Open the lid, cooking in a box for each range" open the lid from opening ports 1. surface, please wrap securely 180 degrees as shown in the figure. (Nakabukuro remains were put in a box, please do not turn off the seal.) 2. Lid firmly remains put in a box for each range was folded back, please by heating the table as a guide. Nakabukuro is bulging, exit steam from the steam outlet. 3. After completion of the heating, please be removed from the microwave oven. Please do not heat in the heating time of the guideline 500W 1 minute and 30 seconds 600W 1 minute 20 seconds 700W 1 minutes and 10 seconds ※ commercial microwave oven. ※ Auto (warm automatic) of the microwave oven function, please do not use.

  • Nutritional Information

    - Also warmed in hot water. Without cutting the seal of Nakabukuro, please warm about 3 to 5 minutes in boiling water. Please do not cover the pot. • Once the heated product immediately, please enjoy. - Of black granular in the source thing is spices. - It is not included rice to this product. - Please enjoy mixed with rice.

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