Calcium Wafers

Calcium Wafers

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カルシウム 300mg
ビタミンD 1.5μg

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  • Recommended Dosage

    Wheat flour, vegetable oils and fats, glucose, lactose, powdered sugar, skim milk powder, milk, sugar, eggs, wheat meal, salt, eggshell Ca, emulsifiers, expansion agents, perfumes, V.D

  • Materials / Ingredients

    Delicious health support!
     Sack and fragrant!
     Functional food nutrition (Ca)
     ● calcium 300mg blended into one
     ● vitamin D1.5μg blended into one
     ● vanilla flavor
     Calcium is a nutrient necessary for the formation of bones and teeth.
     Calcium wafer to the bone contains the calcium of 300mg in one piece.
     Scarce for those of calcium, you can enjoy easy delicious every day.

  • Nutritional Information

    · In this product one includes the 42% of per day of nutrient such as a display reference value of calcium (700mg).
     - Per day, please enjoy the one to guide.
     * This product or cure disease by high intakes, is not intended to improve health than. Please observe the daily recommended dose.
     - Diet, the staple food, main dishes, side dishes based on the balance of the meal.
     * This product is different from a health food, who is not in a separate review by the consumer Agency.
     - And products containing peanuts have been fabricated in a common facility.

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