unicharm Sofy Kiyora Premium Fragrance (72 pieces)

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  • Dimensions:13.5cm × 15.4cm × 5.5cm

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With a combination of romantic fragrances, such as sweet & sour raspberry, elegant Bulgaria rose and exotic Cananga odorata, this sanitary pad gives you a luxurious feel.

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  • Product features

  • 1. knowledge of "odor masking"
    Masking ingredients in the liner. Because to reduce the smell of the absorbed fabrics, you can enjoy the clear scent.

    2. knowledge of "continued fragrance"
    Because impregnated with scent to the back of the seat, scent is followed by more.

    3. knowledge of the "smooth and comfortable"
    In the three-dimensional surface profile, Sutsu draw the textiles and sweat, reduce the stickiness.
    Skin also remains underwear clean.
    Over the entire surface ventilation seat, to prevent stuffiness.

    4. knowledge of "a little happy every day."
    Until one by one individual lap, cute design with the motif of flower.
    In a corner of the closet, in the porch, a little happy every day.

  • How to Use

  • 1. only keep to the toilet, private room will smell soft ♪

    2. to put together lingerie case, ♪ underwear is a good fragrance
    Mood also a little UP ↑ ★

    3. If you put in an inner pocket or pouch of the bag, smell good every time you open ♪
    Feelings in the scent refresh ★

    4. When you put in the drawer of a chest of drawers and the chest, ♪ rooms and clothing is a good fragrance
    Relax Guests can ★

    5. When you put in the company of the locker, good smell every time you open ♪

  • Size

  • 14cm

  • Materials

  • Surface material / polyethylene, polyester, color / white perfume

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