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【Pre-Owned】 WTAPS Small Items/Others


Started as a year 93 40% against rights, after the pause in around 1996, full-scale start as WTAPS. Rather than never to ride in fashion, are always things you want to designers themselves outgoing, plunge those that are absorbed from time to time to the item. By deeply delve into one of the items, Taps ness it is also reflected in the basic items, which fans often been attracted to it. As a philosophy of craftsmanship of the designer's own, has been the theme of the spirit of the Miyadaiku that bring out the goodness of the thing, fans to the brand that the spirit was also included (W) TAPS is, not only in apparel parties various circles and there are many to. >See more products of this brand.

【Pre-Owned】 WTAPS Small Items/Others
※About Pre-Owned Designer Items

Direct Shipping from Japan

※This item is not available on 「DOKODEMO」 at this moment.

  • Specifications

    Color: khaki system x tea system x beige system, etc. (total handle)
    Gender: Mens
    Wear Season: spring, summer

  • Materials

    No quality display

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