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【Pre-Owned】 MACKINTOSH Coats 34(XS位)


Country: Scotland   Established: 1823 (founder: Charles Macintosh)    McIntosh of origin comes from the invention of the Macintosh cross.  Era of horse-drawn carriages had Ikika' in the city of a lot of rain in London, people had a hard time surpassing the rain.  Then in 1823, chemist Charles Macintosh of Scotland has invented the Macintosh cross that crimping scissors natural rubber in between the front and back two pieces of fabric.  Without passing through the wind and rain, coat was produced in an innovative fabric aligned also serves as the warmth and functionality shocked the United Kingdom, went spread rapidly as coats and raincoats for riding.  In the UK still, the generic name of the raincoat is called a Macintosh, the name of the great inventor who has been engraved in history.  Under the brand label Genuine Handmade has been sewn label (authentic handmade), all of the coat is made of wearing a suit of clothes handmade.  There is also the fact that only a limited number can not be produced, it has been loved from the people who love the real world.  In addition, the 2008A / W, such as announcing the Traditional weather wear and Beautiful People in collaboration with the Beautiful People have carried out aggressive activities, we continue to spread the popularity. >See more products of this brand.

【Pre-Owned】 MACKINTOSH Coats 34(XS位)
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  • Specifications

    Colors: Navy
    Gender: Ladies
    Wear Season: spring, summer
    Size: 34 (XS position)
    Width: 45cm
    Length: 83cm
    Sleeve length: 59cm
    Shoulder width: 39cm
    Sense of sheer: None
    Fabric thickness: Normal
    Lining: None
    Stretch: None
    Luster: None
    Country of origin: United Kingdom

  • Materials

    100% COTTON

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