OMRON Electronic Thermometer "Ken On kun" (MC-681)

OMRON Electronic Thermometer "Ken On kun" (MC-681)

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  • Product features

  • "Omron electronic thermometer thermometry kun MC-681" is an electronic thermometer stuck to the ease of use. Thermometry termination notified by the buzzer. Because it uses a large LCD, is also safe towards small characters is difficult to read. Since the tip of the temperature sensing portion has become flat, hard to shift to fit, you can easily correct thermometry. Thermometry time is only 20 seconds (predictive thermometry), you can quickly thermometry even a busy morning. With a convenient storage case to carry and storage. Medical Equipment Management.

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  • Notes

  • ● Please do not self-diagnosis and treatment of thermometry results. It may lead to a worsening of the condition. Treatment, please follow the guidance of a doctor. ● Please do not use other than the temperature measurement of the people. ● This product is a thermometer of the side only. Please do not thermometry except aside (such as the ears and the mouth). There is a risk of damage such as ear. ● Please keep out of reach of children. Also, please avoid the use of the only child.

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