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OMRON Electronic Thermometer "Ken On Kun" (MC-68)

OMRON Electronic Thermometer "Ken On Kun" (MC-68)

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  • Dimensions:17.8cm × 5.2cm × 4.0cm

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  • Product features

  • ● aside dedicated and prediction + found ● that from about 15 seconds of speed thermometry! Thermometry start to analyze and calculate the temperature of up how, you can predict the body temperature of about 10 minutes after about 15 seconds. ● Information of thermometry the end, even if off forgotten the power ● With a convenient storage case to be heard easily Pipopipo sound-green lamp flashes ● Mobile and storage, will automatically turn off after about 15 minutes. ● Since the previous measurement results are displayed, it will help to confirm the result. ● in big letters, and displays easy to see the measurement results. ● Battery replaceable

  • Specification method

  • Shed in the center of the side. As a little push up the thermometer from the bottom, firmly tighten the side.

  • Notes

  • · Thermometry Please do not self-diagnosis and treatment of the results. Please follow the guidance of a doctor. - Please do not use other than the temperature measurement of the people. This product is a thermometer of the side only. Please do not thermometry except aside (such as the ears and the mouth). - Please keep out of reach of children. Also, please avoid the use of the only child.

  • Remarks

  • Trial battery (alkaline button battery LR 41 × 2), storage case, instruction manual (medical instrument package · with quality guarantee), EMC technical data

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