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【Pre-Owned】 ノースフェイス ナイロン ダウンジャケット M レディース グレー ウィンドストッパーゼファーシェルカーディガン

The North Face

Started in 1968 in San Fransico, the brand name North Face was coined under the generalization that the north face of a mountain in a northern hemisphere is the most challenging to climb. Highly functional and fashionable indeed, The North Face products are extremely popular for wear in both outdoor and city scenes. The North Face is known for producing items that become world-hits such as the parka prototype model "Shera Parker" and "Back Magic" back which was a hit during the backpacking boom. For those who are not too familiar with outdoor brands, or are more interested in fashion, we recommend items from "The North Face Purple Lable" which are items from their collaboration with Nanamica. >See more products of this brand.

【Pre-Owned】 ノースフェイス ナイロン ダウンジャケット M レディース グレー ウィンドストッパーゼファーシェルカーディガン
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    Color: Gray
    Size: M Shoulder: 34cm Width: 47cm Total Length: 56cm Sleeve length: 58cm
    Accessories: Nylon
    Note: It is tagged unused beauty products.

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