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【Pre-Owned】 メゾンキツネ コットン Tシャツ サイズXS レディース ホワイト ロゴ


On behalf of the French house scene, establishment and Gildas-Roaekku who served as manager of Daft Punk, Kuroki was active in Dobotoke to the world of architecture with some 12-year-old Ri也 is in Paris. Not fashion only, has a reputation in activities as diverse as music label and art.  Theme as a fashion brand, New Classic.  While incorporating the goodness of classic design, there to incorporate elements such as music and art, I do not feel the era of has created a new classic.  Polo shirt and was also the brand name fox in one point, Parisian T-shirts and sweat like character has been printed of, there are a number of classic-popular items. >See more products of this brand.

【Pre-Owned】 メゾンキツネ コットン Tシャツ サイズXS レディース ホワイト ロゴ
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    Color: White
    Size: Size XS Shoulder: 34cm Width: 42cm Total Length: 55.5cm Sleeve length: 14cm
    Accessories: Cotton
    Note: This is less goods feeling of use.

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