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【Pre-Owned】 ナイキ レザー スニーカー 26 メンズ イエロー エアフォース1 ユーティリティ


Country: United States Established: 1971 In 1964 Blue Ribbon Sports (BRS) was founded by University of Oregon track athlete and Phil Knight and his coach, Bill Bowerman. The company started out as a distributor of sneakers from Japan and then went on to manufacture their own shoes. At first they experienced great support from the American market, however, their sales soon began to stagnate. In 1969 the company began manufacturing their own track shoes and after the conclusion of their contract with the Japanese manufacturer in 1971, they founded the brand "Nike". The origin of the brand name comes from the Greek goddess Nike also known as the winged goddess or the goddess of victory. Their logo is a winged motif of the Nike Statue. In addition to athletic shoes, Nike also produces a wide range of sports-related products and enjoys a wide support base of all ages and walks of life. >See more products of this brand.

【Pre-Owned】 ナイキ レザー スニーカー 26 メンズ イエロー エアフォース1 ユーティリティ
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  • Specifications

    Color: Yellow
    Size: 26 width: 10cm height: 11.5cm
    Accessories: Leather
    Note: There is some wear wrinkles in the upper part, there is dirt in the midsole and outsole but will generally beautiful goods.

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