OMRON Electronic Thermometer (MC-672L)

OMRON Electronic Thermometer (MC-672L)

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  • Product features

  • "Omron Women thermometer thermometry kun MC-672L" is the best mouth dedicated thermometer in women's thermometer. Because in 30 seconds can thermometry (at the time of prediction thermometry), every day of a busy morning, you can easily measure the basal body temperature. Big display the last two digits of the number in large liquid crystal. Because the flat sensor, making it difficult to shift even in the mouth. Hygienic by the antibacterial resin used. Other, press and hold the power is off to prevent accidental operation, with probe ring (three), with basal body temperature table, with the previous value memory, auto power off, with BEEP, with storage case, and possible battery replacement, stuck to the ease of use friendly devised was to have been the difference. When the prediction thermometry: about 30 seconds, the time of actual measurement thermometry: about 5 minutes.

  • raw materials

  • Specification method

  • Notes

  • ● medical device permission number: 24BY0001 ● Power: DC3.0V (* 1 single lithium battery CR2016) ● Battery life: about 1100 times (predictive measurement), about 150 times (actual measurement) ● Dimensions: width 34 * length 125.2 * thickness 15mm ● body mass: about 27.0g (including battery) ● accessories: try for a battery (CR2016 * 1 single lithium battery), storage case, probe ring (three), basal body temperature table, manual ( with a quality guarantee)

  • Remarks

  • The women's thermometer, also because to measure the body temperature of the time during sleep or rest, is the body temperature measured before taking the body after the morning awakening. Uses the scale is fine lady for the thermometer, is most likely to measure pledged under the tongue root, not the side when the measure.

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