LOTTE Hokaron stick (10 pieces)

LOTTE Hokaron stick (10 pieces)

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  • Product Introduction

    ■ Hokaron stick is a portable disposable Cairo of the type put 10 pieces Cairo! ▼ "Hokaron stick Cairo 10 pieces" is the type of portable disposable Cairo pasting. Affix the type that does not shift. A maximum temperature of 68 degrees, the average temperature 53 degrees, (the time to hold more than 40 degrees, the duration) duration about 12 hours.

  • Product Use

    1. Remove the inner bag from the outside of the bag, peel the peeling paper, toward the skin side of the adhesive from the top of the clothes without tossed about, please use the stick. 2. Please peel off as soon as the heat generation is finished. It will be difficult to peel off and standing.

  • Precautions

    Please pay attention to the low-temperature burns. 1. low temperature burns, and has devoted a long period of time the heating element of higher than body temperature erythema, is that of the burns that cause the symptoms of chicken pox. In addition, please note that it may become the low-temperature burns not accompanied by subjective symptoms. 2. Please use so that it does not touch directly on the skin. 3. such as at bedtime is more than the maximum temperature of the display, so easy to low-temperature burn, please do not use. 4. those with sensitive skin, please pay attention to the low-temperature burns. 5. Please discontinue use when you feel hot. 6. such as infants and disabled people of the body, your use of the case and pets can not be immediately stop using on their own sufficient please note. Please check the status of about once skin in 7.1 hours. 8. such as diabetes, If you have a failure in a warm feeling and blood circulation, because there is a risk of burns, please consult your doctor or pharmacist. 9. Please do not use pressing in a belt and supporters. 10. At the same time your use of multiple bags, please note that easy to low-temperature burn. 11. kotatsu, please do not use such as near in the bedding and heating appliances. Or breakage inner bag is rapidly generates heat to expand to, the shorter the duration. Please refrain from the use of the other non-note 12. human body. 13. I can not eat. If swallowed, please consult a physician discharge the contents. 14. Should, rinse immediately with clean water for more than 15 minutes without rubbing If the eyes, please consult a physician. 15. outer bag and the corners of the inner bag, etc. Please be careful not to poke and eyes. 16. Please discard it as a burn is not after use garbage.

    Iron powder, water, activated carbon, salt, wood flour, water-absorbing resin, vermiculite

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