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Kowa Hokkairo Hand Warmer Paste Regular

  • Manufacturer:KOWA
  • Product ID:4987067826902
  • Reference Price:6.37 USD (700 JPY)
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    • Kowa Hokkairo Hand Warmer Paste Regular
    • Kowa Hokkairo Hand Warmer Paste Regular

    Content:10 pcs

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  • Dimensions:14.0cm × 23.0cm × 4.0cm

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  • Product Introduction

    ● convenient to keep warm, such as sports and leisure and legs, is the type of disposable Cairo that stick to clothing.

  • Product Use

    · KoSobukuro opening the, to peel off the seal, please use the stick on top of the clothes without tossed. After use, please gently peel off.

  • Precautions

    And low temperature burns is that burns cause and are destined for a long time the heating element of higher than body temperature erythema, the symptoms of blisters and the like. In addition, please note that it may become the low-temperature burns not accompanied by subjective symptoms. - Low - temperature please do not use directly to the attention-skin to prevent burns. And use and at the time of going to bed, please avoid the use of a long time same place. In addition, your disabled people of infants and body, if the weaker of the skin and the like are used, in particular, please note. - Please pay attention to the low-temperature burns weaker in the skin. - Please peel off immediately when you feel too hot. And infants or body of your disabled people, etc., use of person that does not peel off immediately by yourself, please use caution. - Redness on the skin, itching, pain, etc., when every other symptoms of burns, discontinue use immediately, please consult your doctor. - In the futon, in the kotatsu, and please do not use in the vicinity of heating appliances such as stoves. · If you are a blood circulation disorder in diabetes, etc., especially please note that it may be difficult to feel the heat. * This product is for the human body warmth. Please do not use in any applications. - Please do not use the shoes in and socks (the soles of the feet). · Strongly shake or, please do not Dari mon. • The mourn clothing (those long haired, etc.) and the upscale clothing with an adhesive Please do not use. - Please peel off when it is certainly warmth no longer feel. * This product does not eat. After use, please discard this manual according to sections of the city. How to Save Avoid direct sunlight, please store in a cool place. And infants Please do not place out of reach of.

    Iron powder, water, vermiculite, activated carbon, salts

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