Bluelet Dekoraru Toilet Bowl Cleaner (3 Single-use Tubes) Relax Aroma

Bluelet Dekoraru Toilet Bowl Cleaner (3 Single-use Tubes) Relax Aroma

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  • Dimensions:17.3cm × 9.5cm × 2.7cm

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  • Product Introduction

    Keeps your toilet clean while releasing a pleasant fragrance!
    Contains ingredients for cleaning and preventing dirty build-up.
    Each tube makes two petal-shaped gels that cling to the inside of the toilet bowl and clean every time you flush!

    ■ Blue Let Decora This Le Relax aroma 7.5g × 3 of [Kobayashi Pharmaceutical]

    ▼ petals gel to suppress the contamination of the decoration! Water's edge, spread a pleasant smell!
    "Blue Let Decora Le Relax aroma 7.5g × 3 pieces of" is, I Deco petals gel to the toilet surface (pasted) put only, spread a pleasant aroma, keeping the clean of the water's edge.
    Pressing a container of cute bear on the toilet surface, petal gel is complete and push the gel. Firmly washing by the action of the cleaning component every time the flow of water. Keep a clean dirt adhesion prevention effect. Petal gel becomes small, it can be used as a toilet detergent.
    A single container to paste the petals gel two places in put in about 10 days 1-2 weeks use. The water flowing is colorless.

  • Product Use

    ● can not use the toilet: it can not be used in the toilet other than made pottery (such as resin). If you do not know the pottery made, please check the instruction manual of the toilet bowl.
    (1) against firmly press the Remove container tip the cap on a flat surface of the toilet bowl.
    (2) while pressing the container tip to the toilet bowl, the drug grip the container ass part push about half the amount. Petal does not float the container tip to rise.
    (3) pull the container straight from the toilet bowl. (Petals gel can make one)
    (4) then extruded remaining drug grip the container face portion, making one more petal gel.
    ※ If the drug has left many in the container, please make a yet another petal gel to the toilet bowl.

  • Precautions

    ● attention to the accidental ingestion
    ● Do not use outside applications.
    ● Do not use on a non-made pottery bowl (such as resin).
    ● Do not place out of reach of children.
    ● or fire, avoid direct sunlight, do not put in place equal to or greater than 40 degrees.
    ● During use, if you have water wings, please drop in and stop using toilet brush.
    ● If the remaining mass of the drug, should be dropped in the toilet brush.
    ● product does not affect the bacteria in the septic tank and the septic tank.
    Perfumes, nonionic surfactants, amphoteric surfactants, dyes

    Perfumes, nonionic surfactants, amphoteric surfactants, dyes

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