Kobayashi Pharmaceutical blue toilet hanging body 30g

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  • Product Introduction

    Wash thoroughly with 3 cleaning ingredients!

    ■ Blue toilet hanging body [Kobayashi Pharmaceutical] ● tank type flush toilet for aromatic cleaning agents! "Blue Let hanging body", the enzyme and three of the cleaning component is decomposed washing the persistent dirt, hanging type of toilet for fragrance - It is deodorant. In court blending, dirt is to prevent it from adhering to the toilet bowl. Without damaging the tank in the instrument, it does not affect the bacteria and anti-condensation tank of the septic tank and the septic tank. About 1 month at a family of four (about 500 times) can be used.

  • Product Use

    1. wire straight stretched out, the top of the container please submerged firm to be about 5cm from the tank water. (In that case, please make sure that the container does not float.) 2. then bending the tip of the wire, please firmly fixed to the edge of the tank so that the container is made straight in the water. At that time, the vicinity of the instrument in the tank, also please be avoided where the water falls from the water inlet. (Or use period is shortened, the container is viewed from the tank in the appliance, the water is there may not stop.)

  • Precautions

    - Please do not use for any purpose other than. - Please rinse water for at least 15 minutes without rubbing if the eyes. If you put - by mistake to mouth, please be treated, such as drinking a cup 1-2 cups of milk or water. • When attached to the skin, thoroughly wash it with water. After also of treatment in any case, if the abnormal is to bring this product, please consult your doctor. - Please put out of reach of children. - Avoid fire and direct sunlight, please do not put in the place where equal to or greater than 40 degrees. - When removing, upside down in the tank, enough to turn off the water, please be careful not to put on clothes. In the unlikely event that was attached to the clothes please wash with oxygen-based bleaching agent. • You can also use the toilet with a bidet machine, but can not be used on the type of toilet that use the water in the toilet tank to the bidet. - It can not be used in a simple flush toilet. · Drugs or when dealing with container, please use rubber gloves.

    Perfumes, nonionic surfactants, dyes, enzymes, chelating agents, plant extracts, fatty acid esters

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