Javi nurse portable toilet deodorant (20 packages)

Javi nurse portable toilet deodorant (20 packages)

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  • Product Introduction

    Quickly melts firmly deodorant, washing and bleaching, dissolve quickly in oxygen system! Water do not mind the smell, is a deodorant of the granule type to exhibit the deodorizing effect in the oxygen of force. Washing and bleaching effect and also exhibit so it is ideal for portable toilet. Deodorant effect lasts about 24 hours due to oxygen. - Dissolve a quick in water at a granular type, is a colorless, odorless. • In washing and bleaching effect, with less dirt in the portable toilet, also makes it easier to fall. After use, you Nagase to the bathroom together and feces and urine. (You can use it in the septic tank.) Individual packaging sizes: 70X135X41mm Individual packaging weight: about 90g Contents: 20 follicles (1 package 3g)

  • Product Use

    About 1 to put in 2 liters of water before excretion in the bucket of the portable toilet, please use put without leaving a 1 package.

  • Precautions

    Portable toilet deodorant can not eat. • Do not put in the mouth by mistake with your medicine or food, please note not to eat. • If attached to the clothes please wash with detergent. · Please wipe with a wet cloth, etc. If you have adhered to the portable toilet. Portable toilet deodorant, please do not use in conjunction with the deodorant and cleaning agents such as chlorine. - Please keep out of the reach of such children. - Avoid heat and humidity, please keep in the dark. If the [first aid] - sucked: given the fresh air, please to rest in a well ventilated room. Please receive the allowance by a physician as soon as possible if it appears abnormal. - Eye: Please wash immediately with running tap water for at least 15 minutes. Please receive the allowance by a physician as soon as possible if it appears abnormal. • When attached to the skin: Please washed with running water directly tap water. • If swallowed: given the large amounts of water not induce vomiting, please receive the allowance by a physician as soon as possible.

    Mono potassium hydrogen persulfate double salt

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