Pigeon scent revolution care professional deodorant spray 50mL

Pigeon scent revolution care professional deodorant spray 50mL

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  • Product Introduction

    Change in smell the odor to be worried about the long-term care space! Effective against urine odor, flights odor!
    "50ml for Habinasu scent revolution pin point" is, by incorporating the malodorous components such as urine odor, flights odor as part of the fragrance ingredient, it is a long-term care for deodorant spray of deodorant instead of the good smell.
    Only the smell of feces and urine is sprayed onto the space to be worried, to quickly refreshing scent. It is effective in one push.
    Pigeon own "feed runt perfume" is capture the odor component, change to effectively good smell. Rather than a deodorant to hide the general odor, it is a "raise money the scent" deodorant spray of new ideas. When combined as a "good scent", it will continue to remain in place.
    Fresh floral scent. About 330 times spray can. Five times a day to spray, you can use about 2 months.

  • Product Use

    ● room space: Please spray a guide 2-3 times a worrisome location of the odor.
    ● portable toilets and trash: Please spray a guideline once from a distance of approximately 30cm open the lid of the portable toilets and trash if you want to direct spray.
    ● cloth products: from try at an inconspicuous in advance, please spray away 20-30cm.
    ※ first use should be Karaoshi several times.
    ※ When you are new, please try from a single spray.
    ※ Please adjust the scent by the number of times to spray.

  • Precautions

    ● Please read the How to Use carefully before use.
    ● Do not use in any applications.
    ● Do not place out of reach of children.
    ● Do not spray towards the people.
    ● near or in direct sunlight of fire, use of a high temperature location, please avoid storage.
    Sideways and the container ●, please do not use in the upside-down.
    ● flooring and vinyl floor, electrical products, if you with, such as the furniture of plain wood and paulownia stain, because it may cause, such as discoloration, please wipe off immediately.

    ※ can not be used
    ● skin, kimono, silk, or fibers such as rayon, please do not use things that can not be washed.

    Perfume, a nonionic surfactant, ethanol, water

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