Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Faint Smell space refill soap (270G)

Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Faint Smell space refill soap (270G)

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  • Dimensions:20.0cm × 11.8cm × 5.9cm

  • Release Date : 2017/02/16
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  • Product Introduction

    ■ Faint Smell space soap refill pouch ● Faint Smell space soap refill pouch is a deodorant of clean Faint Smell type to look that contains the color block to clear deodorant beads. Dude you just unpleasant a firm anti-Kusashi smell, it drifts smell of soap faintly.

  • Product Use

    1. Hold the top of the ... pack When you want to turn off the spout, please hang up along the cut line. ※ Because there is contents popping thing to have strongly the bag, please note. 2. Discard the contents remaining in the ... container when pouring into the container, remove the cap of the main body container became empty, the top with one hand, firmly with the bottom of the bag with the other hand, slowly please pour. ※ Please do not mix with other deodorants and fragrances. 3. tightly closed again cap, please put in place to be worried about the smell. Beads will swell to contain the moisture. It will be supplied to the drain outlet and cause wife clogging of piping, please stop absolutely. • The remaining contents in a bag or container please discard as combustible waste from the wrapped on paper or the like. • If the contents are spilled, please wipe off immediately because it may cause stains.

  • Precautions

    * This product can not eat. · To reduce the risk of mis-eating, such as children, it does not put within reach. Spilled in the case was wiped off immediately. · Where exposed to direct sunlight, not placed in the high temperature of the location. - Since drainage port may be clogged, absolutely beads will not conduct. Other than, applications do not use. [First aid] If you have on your hands, wash well. • If you put in the mouth accidentally, the first aid, such as to immediately drink milk, if there is unusual to bring a written description, consult a doctor.

    Amphoteric surfactants based deodorant, plant extracts, perfumes, water-absorbent resins, surfactants (nonionic, cationic)

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