Consumption Nioimoto clip 4.6g Ocean Sky scent of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical car

Consumption Nioimoto clip 4.6g Ocean Sky scent of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical car

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  • Product Introduction

    "Deodorant original clip of the car" is the aromatic deodorant of W fragrance recipe stuck to the aroma (for cars).
    About 30 days, the car clean.

    [Ocean Sky]
    And the sea was crystal clear, I expressed the transparency and realism refreshing smell like fresh sky

    [Tobacco for ion citrus]
    Persistently remain firmly deodorant the smell of tobacco, is a citrus scent of widening the fresh air

    [Fresh linen]
    Araitate such as linen, Relief hot and clean, we expressed the soft scent

  • Product Use

    (1) pulled out slowly knob aluminum seal in the direction of the arrow
    (2) inserting the protruding portion of the supplied clip to the back
    (3) Insert the clip to the air conditioning blowing port
    To prevent accidents ※, to make sure that it does not easily come off
    ※ You can also use the portrait of the air blowing port

    ● use period
    About 1 month will persist. (In the case of spring and autumn)
    However, it may become faster by the use environment.

  • Materials / Ingredients

    Perfumes, dyes

  • Precautions

    ● Do not remove the contents to open the container.
    ● Do not put on the air conditioning blowing port on the side of the driver's seat.
    ● fixed in position even after falling off does not interfere with driving.
    ● Auto swing air-conditioned car is used in a state in which stopped the swing.
    ● For air bag equipped car, attached to the place to not interfere in operation.
    ● there is a case that can not be used by the form, the thickness of the air conditioning blowing port.
    ● use with the always clip because there is a risk that damage the painted surface and interior.
    ● If you have any chance to adhere drug wiped off immediately.
    ● not store or use in place to become a location and high temperature exposed to direct sunlight.
    ● not place out of reach of children.
    ● Do not use for any purpose other than.
    ● Do not touch this product during operation.
    ● This product can not drink.
    ● This product is disposable.

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