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Kobayashi Pharmaceutical car fragrance-free white for consumption Nioimoto tobacco (100G)

Kobayashi Pharmaceutical car fragrance-free white for consumption Nioimoto tobacco (100G)

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  • Product Introduction

    ● "fragrance-free white 100g you do not cheat in consumption Nioimoto scent of the car" is a unique car smell various smell intermingled, firmly deodorant in more than 20 kinds of deodorant containing beads. It is attached to the seat back pocket side pockets, hanger type that does not get in the way. It is economical can wear exchange. About 2 months will persist. (In the case of spring and fall) ※ There is a case to be fast through the use environment. May decrease soon, especially in places where summer of direct sunlight. Contents 100g

  • Product Use

    (1) to open and slide on the back of the stopper. (2) taking out the used inner container. (3) Peel off the sure seal with the sealing surface to the top. (4) to set horizontally in the outer container. (5) firmly to insert fix the hanger. ● Once the beads are smaller, please use the "for replacement wearing deodorant original car." ● You can instead put your favorite items.

  • Precautions

    ● Do not put under the seat or floor. ● When installing back pocket, in the side pockets, seat of always the passenger's side, installed in the door. Driver's seat side is made to interfere with the pedal operation, This will cause a serious accident. ● not installed in the dashboard. ● product can not eat. ● To reduce the risk of mis-eating, such as children, it does not put within reach. ● liquid is mounted in always hanger because there is a case in which lean. ● If you have spilled wipe immediately. ● Do not use for any purpose other than. ● place in direct sunlight, not placed in the high temperature of the location. ● because it may drain outlet is clogged, absolutely beads will not conduct. [First Aid Description] ● Wash If you have on your hands. ● If you put in the mouth accidentally, the first aid, such as to immediately drink milk. ● If there is an abnormality in any case to bring the written description of the product, consult a doctor.

    Amphoteric surfactant system deodorant, amino acid-based deodorant, plant extraction component, water-absorbing resin, perfume, surfactant (non-ionic, amphoteric), dye

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