Pink for three-dimensional mask children (3 pieces)

Pink for three-dimensional mask children (3 pieces)

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  • Product Introduction

    ● The new comfortable structure, is a children's mask designed to fit the shape of the face. ● In the soft type ear cord, ear is less likely to be hurt. ● mouth a relaxed, chatting Ease. ● 99% cut airborne particulate. ● virus, cold, pollen measures. ● unscented type.

  • Product Use

    Please wear with 1) a surface that alphabet (KOWA HEALTHCARE) is read correctly the mask bottom in the "outside". (2) stretched pleats of the crease on the vertical extends the mask.

  • Precautions

    - Please do not use the person who there is an abnormality in the infant and respiratory. * This product is toxic gas, there is no effect on the harmful dust. - And when the smell of the mask felt or breathlessness in the mood, please discontinue use when you feel bad. By some chance, itching, if you appeared symptoms of rash, etc., please discontinue use immediately. * This product is a Single Use product. Re-use can not be due to washing. Please use as a guide one day, please replace it if the dirt is anxious. Due, environment and individual differences, that it may glasses fogged, please be careful. - Please keep out of reach of children. - Hot and humid Please avoid storage in place.

    Body filter section (polypropylene, polyester), ear string portion (polyester, polyurethane) antimicrobial agents: a silver-based antimicrobial agent (used in the second layer from the outside of the non-woven fabric) number: 3 sheets mask color: pink ear string color: pink

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