Pip eyepatch cleaning with cotton (1 pcs)

Pip eyepatch cleaning with cotton (1 pcs)

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  • Product Introduction

    "Pip eyepatch cleaning with cotton" is the eyepatch to protect gentle eyes and eyelids. Four replacement pad and clean cotton comes with one. Please use a new one every time pad.

  • Product Use

    1. To clean the eye patch and skin. 2. Place the pad in the center of the eye patch, is attached. (Please use pad every time new.) 3. Move the length of the string to the face, tighten regulation tube.

  • Precautions

    Improper handling, lists the contents of a person occurrence of property damage or serious injury is assumed. ※ property damage and indicates expansion damage related to the house, household goods and livestock and pets. ? Eyepatch when use is hard to take a sense of perspective, is dangerous field of view becomes narrower. ? Please do not drive, such as a bicycle, automobile, leaving the eye patch. ? Please pay attention to the lifting of such stairs. ? When you feel abnormal during use, discontinue use, please consult your doctor. ? Please keep out of the reach of children.

    Material Body: vinyl chloride-string: cotton pad: Cotton

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