PITTA MASK (3 pieces)

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  • Product Introduction

    ○A breathable mask which blocks 99% of pollen with its three-dimensional network structure with pullous filter technology.
    ○ With its soft, elastic polyurethane material, it adheres to your face snugly and doesn’t allow pollen to get through.
    Comfortable with wearing, and does not cause your ears pain even if you wear it for a long time.
    ○ Can be washed and reused
    Retains its effectiveness even after 3 washes!

    "PITTA MASK (3 pitta masks)" is a three-dimensional mask that guards pollen invasion thoroughly with new polyurethane material.
    It is a breathable mask that ensures breathability by completely removing the cell membrane. Because the new polyurethane material is a soft stretch material, it closely adheres to the face and does not create gaps and firmly defends pollen.
    In addition, it is a gentle wearing comfort that the ear does not hurt even if it wears for a long time.
    Cut pollen 99% * with a three-dimensional network structure by porous filter technology and precise cell control realized. It is economical as it can be washed and used repeatedly.
    Pollen 99% cut * (filter performance) is kept even when washed three times. For pollen · cold. * (One good) Kaken test center

    * The mask does not completely prevent infection (invasion).

  • Product Use

    Take the mask out one by one from the package.
    1. Check the upper and lower side of the mask and spread it
    2. Pull the part of the mask where you put on the ears, and put it on both ears
    3. Press the mask lightly to make it adhere to the face without creating gaps.
    【Countermeasure for】
    Pollen, cold, dust, and others
    【Manufacturing country】

  • Materials / Ingredients

    ●: body / polyurethane

  • Precautions

    ● This product cannot be used in places where harmful dust or gas etc. occurs.
    ● Stop using this product immediately if you have skin problems or if any problems appears.
    ● Stop using this product if you get sick by its smell when you are wearing the mask.
    ● Keep in a place out of reach of children.
    ● Avoid storing in hot and humid places and in places exposed to direct sunlight.
    ● Discoloration may occur because of the characteristics of polyurethane but there is no problem in quality.
    ● Please note that washing with acidic or alkaline detergent liquid may cause deterioration.
    ● Eyeglasses may be fogged up, although there are individual differences, so please be careful when you drive.
    ● Throw it away according to the classification of the local government after use.

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