Bath Roman skin care rose hip oil and wild rose (680g)

Bath Roman skin care rose hip oil and wild rose (680g)

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  • Product Introduction

    "Basuroman skin care rose hip oil & wild rose" is, moisturizes your skin rough, is a bathing agent to finish in moist Purupuru.

    ● Rose hip oil moisturizing component, wild rose, wild rose of the golden color of the oil extracted from the seeds. Trimmed your skin of moisture Baransue, plump and soft and health to keep prevent drying.
    In addition, wild rose extract, which is extracted from the fruit of the wild rose is and prepares the texture protects the skin from drying out in the moisturizing effect, astringent action.

    Scent Pink Rose
    Hot water color is pink white (turbidity)

    ● chlorine removal ingredients to relieve the tingling sensation of Sarayu!
    Allergy tested! (All does not mean allergy does not occur in one)


    Fatigue, heat rash, eczema, acne, cracked, chapped skin, frostbite, dry skin, bruises, sprains, shoulder stiff, neuralgia, arthritis, back pain, poor circulation, hemorrhoids, prenatal postpartum poor circulation

  • Product Use

    ● Please dissolved 25g this product to your home bath of hot water (200L).
    (Approximately 15g in the inner frame full of cap.)
    * You can also use when bathing with the baby.

  • Materials / Ingredients

    ● Active Ingredients: dried sodium sulfate, sodium bicarbonate
    ● Other ingredients: glycine, Nobaraekisu, rose hip oil, water-decomposable collagen powder, hyaluronic acid Na-2, oxidized Ti, polyacrylic acid Na, polyacrylic acid, PEG stearate, bentonite, silicic acid anhydride, POE (300) POP (55), soap matrix, salicylic acid, fragrance, red 102, red 106

  • Precautions

    ※ This product, the sulfur damage the tub-bath kettle not included.
    ● Do not use it for any other purpose than bathing.
    ● If there is an abnormality in the skin or the constitution is to be used in consultation with your doctor or pharmacist.
    ● during and after use and use, rash on the skin, redness, itching, when an abnormality such as irritation appears, discontinue use, you can consult your doctor or pharmacist. In particular, people with allergies or who may have experienced a hypersensitivity symptoms such as rash, such as medicine, that you use caution.
    ● This product is not edible. If swallowed in large quantities, to perform the treatment, such as water to drink.
    ● After use, close the lid snugly, be kept out of the reach of children.
    ● Because it is automatic weighing filling, amount of contents even if there is a space is as display.

    ※ about the use of the remaining hot water
    ● The remaining water is accustomed to your also to wash, rinse able to use fresh water. However, since the garment bathing agent of the dye is likely to be colored, in the following cases that do not use.
    (Combination with fabric softener, Tsukeoki, freshly grated clothing)
    ● Since the remaining water could be affected and subjected to a plant, it is not applied.

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