MINON skin soap (80G)


Washable ingredients without depriving the moisture not only that towards allergies or sensitive skin wash made in mind hypoallergenic formulation [MINON (Minon). While maintaining the moisture vegetable amino acid-based cleaning components dirt for us firmly cleaning. Does not put an extra burden on the skin has been designed in a weakly acidic. [MINON Systemic shampoo (Minon) can be washed with it one from head to toe, you can receive your from babies to adults. You can choose to suit your skin type. Skin, such as the elderly and disease in convalescence is the brand [MINON] who can use with confidence even delicate time (Minon). >See more products of this brand.

MINON skin soap (80G)

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  • Product Introduction

    ▼ "Minon" series of origin, weakly acidic soap!
    "Minon skin soap 80g" is a weak acid of the soap to be the origin of Minon.
    Same weakly acidic healthy skin. Not too off the natural skin moisture, the extra burden the over difficult vegetable amino acid-based cleaning ingredients.
    Since the soap scum is difficult to remain in the skin, wash up is not Tsuppara, moist smooth.
    Hypoallergenic formulation pharmaceutical company has developed on the basis of skin science. As much as possible cut the causative agent of allergy. No coloring, fragrance-free. Preservative-free.

    [Minon cleaning Series]
    Washing series of Minon is blended to choose a cleaning component which is not too steal moisture, also aims to simple prescription that causes as much as possible reduced even moisturizing ingredients to "compensate".
    While it is faithful to the role that wash to protect the moisture of the skin, how to reduce the number of ingredients.
    Not a plus, has become a unique prescription design with an awareness of the negative.

  • Product Use

    Please use whisk well with water or lukewarm water. After that, please wash.

  • Materials / Ingredients

    Palm fatty acid glutamate Na, water, Cetyl alcohol, titanium oxide, EDTA-2Na

  • Precautions

    ● and when it is not suitable to your skin, such as scratches and swelling, eczema, Please do not use in an area of ​​abnormal.
    ● during and after use and use, if the redness, swelling and itching, irritation and eye abnormalities appeared on the skin discontinue use, please consult a specialist or the like. It may worsen the symptoms continue to accept.
    ● Avoid contact with eyes Please note. Should, if the eyes, please rinse immediately with water or lukewarm water.
    ● Keep out of reach of children.
    ● Do not keep hitting at or extremely hot or cold place in direct sunlight.
    ● Because this product is easily soluble in water, after use should be stored in well drainage.

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