Renobigo (38ML)

Renobigo (38ML)

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  • Product Introduction

    Their teeth life in the power of fluorine ion!

    This product has been developed in order to perform the dental caries prevention effectively, it is easy-to-use fluorine spray.

    Also, in addition to brushing to remove the dirt, use of fluorine to strengthen the tooth itself is said to be important, it has achieved a great effect.

    [Fluorine safety]
    Component fluorine Renobigo is one of the elements in the natural, is a health nutrients needed for teeth and bones.
    Also what takes too much is not good for the body, you or has become weak or sick and do not have enough.

    [Dentist of fluorine coating]
    When applying the fluorine in the dentist's effect lasts a few months, but the fluorine of care at home will further enhance the effect.

    And white the prevention and teeth of the development and progression of dental caries.
    And prevent the prevention and gingivitis periodontitis (pyorrhea).

  • Product Use

    1. Clean and brush their teeth, and clean the teeth.
    2. Renobigo the spraying an appropriate amount to the toothbrush, please let span to go to the teeth.

    ● gargle after use is not required.
    ● If you teeth are growing all aligned, please use a guide 10 blown position once.

  • Materials / Ingredients

    Sodium fluoride, dipotassium glycyrrhizinate, sodium benzoate, flavor

  • Precautions

    ● at the time of opening, please use the press sky waving two to three times.
    ● Please use the tip of the nozzle so that it does not put such as the mouth.
    ● When it gets into your eyes please wash with water.
    ● If you have allergies, please wash with water when I got to the skin.
    ● comes running out, because it is manual, it may be difficult out liquid.
    ● nozzle, please note that off to accidental ingestion.

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