New Fresh Mate K (1 pieces)

New Fresh Mate K (1 pieces)

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  • Dimensions:23.0cm × 5.6cm × 2.2cm

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  • Product Introduction

    Firmly remove the dirt of the tongue that made the original bad breath
    ● It is with a brush that is resilient difficult to damage the tongue.
    ● brush without too much force in the neck with a soft elasticity, it is hard to damage the tongue.
    ● ultra-fine hair twist brush is firmly fit to the unevenness of the tongue surface, and effectively remove the dirt of the tongue such as tongue coating.
    ● You can also cleaning tends to collect the back of the tongue of the tongue coating a long, easy to hold grip.
    ● firmly catch the dirt of the tongue such as tongue coating the spoon-shaped tray was removed, the rest hard in your mouth.

  • Product Use

    - you projects as much as possible before the tongue.
    · The grip portion of the body has lightly, so as to pull out slowly from the back of the tongue to the front, and scraping the tongue coating.
    - scraping the tongue coating is, every time rinse with water, please keep in well-ventilated place and kept clean the brush.

  • Materials / Ingredients

    The handle of the material ... polypropylene
    Hair of the material ... nylon
    Hardness ... softer hair
    Heat-resistant temperature ... 80 degrees
    Size ... total length 180mm

  • Precautions

    * This product is a brush for cleaning the tongue. Please do not use for any other purpose.
    - Since this product can not eat, please do not swallow chewing absolutely.
    · Several times without trying to tongue coating in a single, please use gently so as not to damage the tongue.
    - and when the rough of the tongue, if the abnormalities appear on the tongue surface discontinue use, please consult a specialist.
    Consciousness use to those who are unclear direction and opening failure, please refrain.
    - teeth, such as hooking the brush part, because there is a risk of strong force is applied and fall off, please be careful.
    · There is a risk of breaking and bending the arch wire, so please do not bend.
    - boiling disinfection is not possible. Dirt of the brush, please remove gently with a toothbrush or the like.

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