Care heart your mouth clean sponge (7 pieces)

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  • Product Introduction

    Quickly before and after the movement beautiful!
    ● it has also been used in the medical institutions!
    ● scraping to the food particles!
    ● to the care of the oral cavity.
    ● easy to scrape off dirt with a concave-convex type brush.
    ● easy to put in the mouth because toothbrush type.
    ● firmly reach because it is durable and long paper axis as far as it will go.
    ● the assistance of oral care.
    ● in the mouth clean after every meal.
    ● Export of food particles.
    ● gel of the application for moisturizing.
    ● to such person. (Dirt of-mouth or tongue, mouth open difficult, bad breath is a concern is a concern.)
    ● small holes in the sponge, confined to catch the dirt.
    ● uneven side will effectively remove the dirt, such as inside and outside, tongue of surface-gum at the back.
    ● You can use it to soak the water and oral disinfectant.
    Since ● rectangular sponge, you can use it with a toothbrush sense.
    ● has been packaged one by one because it is hygienic.

  • Product Use

    And removal from the bag, contained a small amount of moisture in parts of the sponge, please scraped the dirt tightly squeezed in the oral cavity.
    While moving sponge the entire up and down before and after, and to clean the surface of the tooth.
    - or the entire sponge to rotate, move back and forth up and down, remove the inside and outside of the dirt of the gums.
    - Move back and forth in the flat part of the sponge and polish the tongue.

  • Materials / Ingredients

    Axis ... paper
    Sponge ... urethane

  • Precautions

    - Since this product is alone with product use, please do not re-use.
    * This product is a mouth cleaning sponge brush. Please do not use for any other purpose.
    - In use, or after use, redness, swelling, itching, stop using and irritation when the anomalies appear, it is recommended that you consult your doctor, dentist or the like.
    - there is a possibility that lead to accidental ingestion, aspiration or damage, so please do not bite sponge.
    For a long time, please do not leave soaked in water or liquid medicine or the like.

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