Children Toothpaste good (69ML)

Children Toothpaste good (69ML)

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  • Product Introduction

    Can also toothpaste as "chitin" in children! Shine leaving (plaque) looks red!

    □ check the toothpaste of plaque can be at the same time.
    □ non-alcoholic, low-stimulation, are made in a safe component (such as a food dye).
    □ because the abrasive is not, and does not damage the teeth.
    □ sweeteners that cause tooth decay, such as sugar are not used at all.
    □ In Japan Food Analysis Center, "the oral mucous membrane irritation test"
     We are implementing the "repeated oral dose toxicity test".
    □ By dropping to ensure the plaque, and prevent tooth decay.

  • Product Use

    Kuchukuchu be just a component in all of the teeth Yukiwatari, because colored red plaque, you can check out where to polish left is the (plaque) in the eye.
    When brushing until the colors were red colored fall, you can polish leave (plaque) without toothpaste.
    In addition, you can also put the correct toothpaste habits in children.

  • Materials / Ingredients

    Water, sorbitol (humectant), BG (solvent), phosphoric acid 2Na · Citric acid (pH adjusting agent), flavoring, methylparaben (preservative), saccharin Na (sweeteners), EDTA-2Na (chelating agent), lauryl sulfate Na (blowing agent), of 105 red No. (1)

  • Precautions

    ■ because it is not a oral solution, Please note that children can not drink the liquid.
    ■ fingers and mouth around, clothing, because it may be difficult to fell the liquid in such wash basin is attached,
       Please use caution.
    ■ If around the fingers and mouth, if you adhere to the liquid in such as wash basin, please immediately rinse water and the like.
      Once the clothes in the liquid is attached, please wash immediately with clothes detergent.
    ■ stop using Once appeared abnormalities such as rash, please consult your doctor.
    ■ Since there is a possibility that the container is deformed, please keep away from the place to be to direct sunlight or high temperatures.

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