DENTALPRO interdental brush size 4M (10 pieces)

DENTALPRO interdental brush size 4M (10 pieces)

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  • Product Introduction

    "Dental Pro interdental brush 10 bottles M" is a small brush to effectively remove plaque between the teeth. Starts the regression of gums, it is suitable for those of the state in which the gaps between the teeth are vacant slightly larger. Flocked portion of the tip is due to the use of a hair thinner than bristle portion of the rear end, it can be more smoothly inserted between the teeth. In addition, the handle portion is subjected to a commitment grooving to fit, was to difficult octagonal shape rolling even in the lateral. Because the wire are using a high-hardness stainless steel, durability is also excellent. With a convenient extension cap also to storage and mobile. Light blue five, regular package of 5 pieces blue.

  • Product Use

    While looking in the mirror, gently inserted in between the teeth so as not to damage the teeth Guki, please move back and forth.
    Please use by bending the resin of the neck portion as in the figure back teeth and hard-to-reach places.
    Please do not bend the wire directly ※.

  • Materials / Ingredients

    ● handle material: polyethylene
    ● hair material: Nylon
    ● The material of the wire: stainless steel
    ● The material of the cap: Polypropylene

  • Precautions

    - teeth and it is narrow between the teeth, if difficult to insert or insert anything unreasonable, please do not rotate. It will be forced to use if there is a case that hair and wire comes out.
    • The wire bending will cause the break and will be used.
    After use is sufficiently washed with running water, please keep in well-ventilated place off the water.
    - Since this product is a brush used to clean between the teeth, please do not use other than cleaning between the teeth.
    - the bristles of the brush When you have damaged, please replace it with a new brush.

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