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[Pre-Owned] YAECA pants size: S


In 2002, it started by Tetsuhiro and Kyoko Ide Hattori of the designer.  When the fix of the brand name YAECA kanji Yae date, and has been put is thought that to get to wear superimposed on a daily basis. As can be worn every day, we are ready and simplicity that is not also depend on the epidemic not a tired, yet two of the design that has been Korasa of ingenuity.  And life style of the people, surrounding that dropped as a design in an optimal form for inspiration and ideas obtained felt from the environment, are produced daily wear that snuggled up to those who wear it.  Of the masterpiece Comfort shirt also dressed ease as comfort of the name is also a good, it has been comfortable Saga design masterpiece. >See more products of this brand.

[Pre-Owned] YAECA pants size: S
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