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[Pre-Owned] Altea knit Size: L


Established: 1892    1892, Giuseppe Sartori has opened a tie shop of one house in Milan.  The store quickly become popular among sophisticated Milan kid who, brocade woven tie of oriental atmosphere was popular in classic.  Then the son of Felice in 1920 have the following traces, Celeste and Giuseppe, Jr. joins the management. Although temporarily suspend the business in chaos of the Second World War, after the war, revived the company in Torukuato Tussauds rue 6. It takes the name from a plant that has a robust life force, Altea, Inc. was born.  In the late 1980s to participate in the management of children Michele and Luca of Celeste, currently it is headquartered in Milan suburbs. To open a retail store in Milan city in 2005, world view of Altea to propose a total look that does not remain in the tie has become a space to experience.  4 In addition to the tradition that is taken over over the generations, have always incorporating new ideas Altea. That is the underlying continues to flow love for silk and passion constantly. >See more products of this brand.

[Pre-Owned] Altea knit Size: L
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